EyeROV - An Underwater Drone

Reality is deeper than surface

EyeROV is a underwater drone to perform Visual inspection/survey of submerged structures. It is a cost effective underwater intervention to do works up to a depth of 50m. EyeROV is a light rover which can be easily controlled using a laptop/joystick. A camera fitted on to the underwater drone gives live video feed of the underwater environment. Our product find a variety of application which include ship hull inspection, fish farm inspection, dam inspection, port structure inspection, bridge foundation inspection etc...

On the right our product in news. We are the national level winners of National Hardware Cup 2017 and we had represented India in the international finals held at Pittsburg USA on April 2017.

What EyeROV can do ?

Ship Hull Inspection

Remote visual inspection of submerged parts of ship hull

Dam Inspection

Early stage detection of dam structural faults and for regular up keep of shutters,sluice gate etc..

Search and Rescue

For assessment of sunken boats,ships, flights etc.. and for finding lost objects like ship anchors,relics,other objects. Finding lost human bodies in water bodies.

What we are currently upto

We have completed a prototype is now in manufacturing stage. We are currently looking for

Beta Testing

Our first prototype is ready. We are looking for prospective clients to hands-on our prototype (free of cost) to get valuabe feedback. It would be great to get feedback from industry experts. We would be also offering early bird offer to them if interested


We are looking forward to manufacture our first industry class product to customers after beta testing by Feb 2017. We would be selling our limited edition products


We would like to partner with industry experts for the development and sales of our product EyeROV.


Awards and Achievements


About us

Founded by JOHNS- an IIT DELHI alumni and KANNAPPA- an IIT MADRAS alumni. They are currently pre-incubated at Maker Village,Kochi,Kerala. Johns is an Electrical Engineer with a Masters in Computer Technology from IIT Delhi while Kannappa a Mechanical Engineer and has a Masters Degree in Ocean Engineering from IIT Madras. During their under graduate days at College of Engineering,Trivandrum,the duo had done lots of robotics projects and won laurels at National Level Techfest too. Johns brings in 3 years of industrial experience (Grey Orange Robotics, Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore) while Kannappa has 2 years (SAINT GOBAIN, NIOT). Together,they have a keen "eye" for engineering and creativity and EyeROV is their latest product.

Contact us

EyeROV, Technology innovation Zone, Kinfra Hitech Park, Kalamassery, Kochi - 57

373 A, PATTIMATTOM PO,KUNNATHUNAD PANCHAYATH, Ernakulam, Kerala, India, 683562


Tel : +919496366763 , +917418596753

Email : johns@eyerov.com , palaniappan@eyerov.com

Careers & Interneships : careers@eyerov.com