EyeROV - ROV for Dam Inspections

  • Site     –       Kerala
  • Date    –       20/03/2019
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Remote Operated underwater Vehicle( ROV) based trial visual inspection and  Videography of the upstream face of Siruvani dam. Dye tracer based seepages / leakage
detections at suspected areas. To achieve this, EyeROV TUNA ROV( picture in Annexure 1), operational upto depths of 100m was utilised. The ROV was appropriately fitted with custom structures to achieve the object at a safe and efficient manner.



Site Description

The site inspection dam is in Kerala and is owned maintained by Irrigation Department, Gov. of Kerala. This dam also supplies drinking water to the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The dam is surrounded by reserve forests. An agreement was executed in August 1973 between the state Governments for drinking water supply to Coimbatore town and neighbouring areas from the Dam. The location being in the state of Kerala, the project was executed by the Kerala Public Works Department using the funds made available by the Tamil Nadu Government.


Site photos






Longitudinal Overview of the Dam.

The coloured lines represent the inspected Area

Inspection Data- (Data of only Line 3).


Notable  Features


Remote Operated underwater Vehicle( ROV) based trial visual inspection and Videography at the upstream face of the dam was executed. 4 lines of survey was completed and various features and anomalies photos are taken. Full length videos of the 4 inspection line are also taken. Further, it was noticed that Guniting work ends at approximately 19m below the spillway crest and Masonry region are exposed below that.


Annexure 1